You know those funny Sony QX phone accessory cameras? Apparently, the new QX1 and QX30 are selling like hotcakes, because Sony Japan has sent out an official release stating that pre-orders were “much higher than the expectations,” and that due to that high demand, consumers should expect shipping delays.



What am I missing with these cameras? I just don’t get the appeal at all. Yes, there are some odd situations where you might be able to use one of these in a place where you may not be able to use a standard SLR or ILC, but those situations are few and far between. Still, it seems that Sony is on to something with these QX cameras.

I do find it notable that even Sony’s expectations for these cameras has been surpassed. So, either Sony itself had incredibly low expectations for these additions to the QX line, or they really are starting to catch on with consumers.

If you are interested in seeing what all the hubbub is about you can pre-order both the QX1 ($398) and QX30 ($348) over on B&H. But be prepared to wait a while to get them in hand.


What are your thoughts on this news that Sony may have to delay some shipments due to high demand on these new QX cameras? Leave a comment below!

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]