Over the last few months, Sony Imaging has made the proclamation that a creative eye and artistic vision, not gender, (or anything else, of course) are the most important things in photography.

In fact, Sony is investing over a quarter-million dollars total in their Alpha Female Creator in Residence program.

Sony Alpha Female Creator in Residence Program

Sony first announced the Alpha Female Program on September 14th, and accepted entries until October 8th. The goal was to help the photography world see beyond inequalities we face in society, and embrace talent, artistic vision, and the use of photography itself for a greater good.

The Alpha Female Program is available to women age 21+ in the US, and includes a cash prize/grant, camera gear, and mentorship. More than 6,000 contestants entered; the process included submitting an artist’s statement and an image portfolio.


Press Release

SAN DIEGO — Nov. 14,2018 — Sony Electronics Inc. today announced the winners of its Alpha Female Creator in Residence Program Contest, one of the flagship initiatives in the Company’s recently introduced “Be Alpha” campaign.

The Alpha Female initiative is Sony’s response to the imaging industry’s well-documented challenges with diversity and is focused exclusively on providing opportunities for women creators to advance their careers. The Alpha Female Creator in Residence Program Contest awards five winners a six-month grant of $25,000 in funds, $5,000 in Sony digital imaging product allowance, a mentorship pairing with one of Sony’s high-profile Artisans of Imagery and much more.  (See the Official Contest Rules for details at www.alphauniverse. com/alpha-female).

Sony Alpha Female Creator Video

Winners | Sony Alpha Creators in Residence

Megan Allen

A wedding photographer from Ohio, Megan’s goal is to create photos that make you stop in your tracks for a moment in time. Learn more about her at https://www.choosestudio22.com. Megan’s mentor will be Artisan of Imagery Sara France.

Danielle Da Silva

Currently living in Toronto, Danielle is a storyteller, conservationist, scholar, activist speaker, and the founder of Photographers Without Borders. You can learn more on her website at http://www.danielledasilva.com. Danielle’s mentor will be Artisan of Imagery Cristina Mittermeier.

Erin Hogue

An adventure and lifestyle artist living in Vancouver, Erin focuses on capturing the impossible. Discover Erin’s work at https://www.instagram.com/erinhogue. Erin’s mentor will be Artisan of Imagery Brooke Shaden.

Nitashia Johnson 

An educator and portrait photographer from Texas, Nitashia’s passion is currently focused on developing a community-based media arts program for high school teens. Learn more about her at http://www.nitashiajohnson.com. Nitashia’s mentor will be Artisan of Imagery Me Ra Koh.

Colette Robinson

Collette is a photographer and creative focused on stop motion graphics and living in Northern California. You can learn more on her website at http://coletterobinson.com/. Colette’s mentor will be Artisan of Imagery Caroline Jensen.




To follow the journeys of all five winners throughout the program, please visit www.alphauniverse.com/alpha-female