This rumor first cropped up several days ago, but I shrugged it off after it was made clear by the person who posted that it was a very unlikely thing. But, today, Sony Alpha Rumors updated the rumor from a SR1 (Probably Fake) to SR3 (50% chance it’s real), so I thought it would be worth talking about now.


According to the rumor over on Sony Alpha Rumors, Sony is possibly set to announce a new high megapixel camera at Photokina. The rumored number is 50mp, which makes sense since we know Sony makes that medium format 50mp sensor. What is not known though, is what sort of camera this will be – at least not yet.

Some say it could be a “D800 Killer” version of the A7, called the A7x. But really the A7r already competed closely with the D800 series, so I don’t think that is a likely reasoning. Other possibilities include a a high MP RX camera, or maybe their own Medium Format camera.


Of all the possibilities, I think that Medium Format is the least likely. They would need to introduce lenses as well (unless it borrowed another popular MF lens mount). For me, a high megapixel A7 or RX seems most likely if this rumor is true.

As always, dump the salt on this one. Just days ago, it was considered to be likely fake, and the rumor world is always moving.


What are your thoughts about this possible Sony Announcement? What do you think would happen if Sony announced a 50MP beast of an A7? Leave a comment below!

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]