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Sony Adds Live Streaming and Motion Shot Mode To Action Cameras Via Firmware Update

By Anthony Thurston on June 20th 2014

GoPro is the king of all action cameras, no disputing that. But Sony’s action cams are not too far off, and today, they got a little bit closer as Sony announced a slew of new features via a new firmware update.


For the higher end AS100V ($300), users will now be able to live stream to Ustream directly from the action cam itself. Users of the AS100V will also get a new “Motion Shot” mode which captures a series of images and stitches them together in an action sequence. Overall, not a huge improvement, but some pretty neat features for sure.

Users of the lower end AS30v ($250) aren’t left out either, and get some much needed upgrades of their own in the form of an interesting multi-camera angle remote, better auto-exposure, and the use of WiFi without a memory card.

Worth noting is that at the time of this posting, is that both the AS100V and AS30V are currently on sale over at B&H for $30 and $50 off, so the AS100V can be purchased for $268 and the AS30v for ~$200. Not a bad deal for either, especially with these new firmware updates. Both deals end on the 21st (tomorrow), so if you are interested jump on this now.

What are your thoughts on the Sony action cam firmware updates? What else should have Sony added? Leave a comment below!

via Engadget

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  1. Tyler Friesen

    I can definitely see some people loving the ability to instantly upload, but ill stick to the go pro.

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      I agree with that, not a big enough reason to switch from GoPro, but for those who have the Sony’s already they are some nice feature upgrades.

      | |