Sony has released the version 3.01 firmware update for its flagship Sony a9 mirrorless camera. The firmware update FW 3.01 adds enhancements and added functions which include support for the FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS lens, optimization of optical image stabilization performance, and continuous shooting with auto focus tracking at F-values greater than F11.

The update also provides improved auto focus speed in low light conditions, reduced release time lag when shooting with flash, “Eye AF” function for A-mount lenses via the LA-EA3 mount adapter, and the much requested option to input the camera serial number to the EXIF data. Sony is listening.

Several other updates to the Sony a9 implemented. This firmware 3.01 provides the following benefits:

Sony A9 Firmware Update Ver.3.01

  • Corrects a symptom where, in some cases, the camera may not operate properly after updating the software to Ver. 3.00
    – For cameras which were updated to Ver. 3.00 and then to Ver. 3.01, the registered customised settings for the Fn (function) menu may be lost.
    In such a case, please customise the menu again to your preference by going to:
    [MENU]-[Camera Settings2]-[Function Menu Set]
  • The Ver. 3.01 software also includes the following updates from Ver. 3.00
  • Introduces support for the new lens “SEL400F28GM
    • Optimisation of optical image stabilisation performance, and support for the new image stabilisation mode of the Lens (Mode 3).
    • Addition of [Function Ring(Lens)] to the menu
      *For SEL400F28GM, [APS-C S35/Full Frame Sel.] setting can be assigned to the Function Ring, in addition to [Power Focus].
    • Addition of [Aperture Drive in AF] to the menu
      *With the SEL400F28GM, focus will not be locked even during continuous shooting at F-values greater than F11, under the following conditions: AF-C, electronic shutter, [Aperture Drive in AF] menu set to [Focus Priority]. Note that continuous shooting speed might be slow when F number is over F11.
  • Added function for professionals engaged in sports/news media:
    • Adds a [Write Serial Number] option (On/Off) to the menu, enabling or disabling the inclusion of the camera’s serial number in the Exif data
  • Improvements in auto focus performance and functionality
    • Improves tracking performance of moving subjects in AF-C mode
    • Improves auto focus speed in low light conditions
    • Adds [AF Track Sens] as a selectable option for custom key settings
    • Adds support for all focus areas when using the LA-EA3 mount adapter (Options added to [Focus Area]: “Zone”, “Expand Flexible Spot” and “Lock-on AF”)
  • Improvements in flash control performance and functionality
    • Reduces the release time lag when shooting with a flash
    • Adds support for [Slow Sync.] and [Rear Sync.] when using a flash wirelessly
    • Adds support for white balance automatic correction, when using the colour filter of an external flash (HVL-F60RM)
  • Other improvements
    • Stabilises the release time lag when shooting in AF-C mode
    • Improves the overall stability of the camera

Previous Benefits and Improvements

The following benefits and improvements are also included in this update

  • Enhance Continuous AF
    • Enhances continuous auto focus on moving subjects
    • Enhances AF-C stability while zooming
  • Adds new or enhanced functions for sports/news media photography professionals
    • New function: assign protecting images to custom key
    • New function: FTP transfer protected files at once
    • Displays wired LAN MAC address
    • Inputs IPTC metadata to files
    • Inputs camera serial number to metadata
  • Others
    • Improves all-round operational stability
    • Improves the accuracy of the overheating warning
  • Supports “Eye AF” function for A-mount lenses via the LA-EA3 mount adapter
  • Fixes an issue where RAW files may disappear when SDXC or microSDXC memory cards are used in certain smartphones
  • Improves the image quality and overall stability of the camera
  • Improves continuous autofocus (AF-C) performance while zooming in with the SEL70200GM or SEL100400GM lens
  • Improves the overheating warning functionality

If any of these benefits and enhancements sound familiar they were included in the 3.00 update last month, which was discontinued due to issues that may cause invalid Menu Settings. The 3.01 patch brings all the enhancement and fixes the issues that plagued it predecessor.

You can download the new firmware direct from Sony:

For Mac – here

For Windows – here