We have talked a lot about the A7R II, thanks to its 42mp sensor and 4K video recording. But Sony’s latest A7 series camera, the A7S II, is now available and many of you are surely wondering which model to spring for.

Now, the biggest and most obvious difference between the A7R II and the A7S II is the sensor. 42MP in the A7R II and 12MP in the A7S, and while in traditional photography circles this may be an advantage for the A7R II, in the video and low light photography world it is a major advantage to the A7S II.

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In the video I am sharing with you today, the guys over at The Camera Store TV have done another brilliant hands-on field test, this time featuring the new A7S II. It is not only a great overview of the camera, its abilities, and new features over the previous A7S – but it’s also a perfect example of the video you can get out of the new camera.

Personally, I agree with Chris, the A7R II is the better all around camera. But if you fall into one of those specialties that could really benefit from the low light and video performance, then obviously the A7S II is the better choice for your bag.

What do you guys think of the new A7S II? Would you choose the A7S II or the A7R II if given the choice? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[Via CSTV on Youtube]