Ask anyone who has tried it, and the Sony A6000 is one of the best APS-C cameras on the market, mirrorless or otherwise. According to the latest rumor, Sony is poised to announce a new A7000 (an NEX7 update?) in early 2015.


Sony A7000 Rumor Update

  • New 24MP Sensor
  • Weather Sealed
  • Tethering Capability
  • 1/8000th  Max Shutter Speed
  • 4K Video Recording
  • Release Early 2015 Along with new 16-50mm powerzoom lens

As always with rumors, especially ones for things as far out as early 2015, take this with plenty of salt. But, if these turn out to be accurate, this could be a major announcement from Sony. It would certainly make the A7000 the top APS-C mirrorless on the market, possibly even APS-C period (depending on how recent announcements fare, and any possible future announcements between now and then).

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Like I mentioned in the opening bit of this post, the A6000 is already considered to be one of the top APS-C options out there, so it’s almost crazy that Sony could step up their game even more with an A7000. I am pretty interested to see how this all turns out.

[Via Sony Alpha Rumors]