The latest rumors are indicating that Sony will be releasing a black and white only camera in the near future. According to a Sony Alpha Rumors report, which rates the rumor one step below “happening for sure,”¬† Sony is developing a full frame mirrorless camera with a black and white only sensor.


The move would be the latest Sony swipe at Leica, who also has a full frame B+W only camera in the Leica M Monochrome. However, many of you are probably wondering what the appeal behind a black and white only camera is. Put simply, there are some pretty impressive advantages that are gained when you remove the color filter that most digital cameras use these days.

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Greater sharpness, cleaner high ISO performance, and increased dynamic range are just a few of the advantages that you get with a black and white only sensor. The tradeoff, of course, is that you are stuck in black and white (duh!). The cool thing, though, is that if you prefer shooting in black and white, or if that is your specialty, you can get b+w images that would blow away images from your standard, color DSLR.

Sony A7R SEL35F28Z

Not much is known about the camera at this point, other than the sensor bits we mentioned above. But if I had to guess, I would think that this is likely an A7 or A7R with the color sensor switched out for a  black and white sensor. It would likely have some improvements to the A7/A7R based on user feedback since it was released.

The idea of a black and white only sensor is pretty intriguing to me. I like color, but in my opinion nothing can quite stand up to a “grade A” black and white image. I am curious what you all think. Would you be interested in a black and white only camera from Sony?

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]