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Some Of The Best Apps For Photographers/Cinematographers Going Into 2017

By Guest Contributor on January 2nd 2017

The end of each year offers us a unique opportunity to reflect on the past and prepare for the future. We can wipe clean the slate, if we need, and charge into the new year with a renewed vigor. Yet, 2016 had a lot to offer and here are some of the best apps that you can take into 2017 to make the most of the new year.

[Free Tutorial: 4 Lightroom CC Features You Need to Know About]

Before I share, I’d like to introduce you to Ash Tailor, an immensely talented filmmaker/cinematographer from the United Kingdom. On his Youtube channel you find a mix of vlogs and tech reveiws but, they are so much more. While you may find similar content elsewhere on Youtube, his presentation, from his delivery to the quality of his edits and graphics provides a unique and immersive experience. His work, I believe, represents some of the very best content YouTube has to offer.

App List

1.) Newton Email (Free but Subscription required for advanced features):


2.) IFTTT :

iOS: (Free)
Android: (Free)

3.) Filmic Pro:
iOS: (£7.99/$9.99)

Android: (£8,49/$9.99)

4.) Adobe Lightroom:
iOS: (Free)

Android: (Free)

5.) SKWRT:
iOS: (£1.49/$1.99)

Android: (£1.09/$0.99)

6.) VSCO: (Free)
iOS: (Free)

Android: (Free)

7.) Pocketcasts:
iOS: (£2.99/$3.99)
Android: (£2.49/$3.99)

8.) Google Opinion Rewards:
Android: (Free)

If you’d like to keep up with what Ash Tailor, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Be safe and Happy New Year!

About the author: Wendell is a Multimedia Producer from East Point, GA. who loves capturing the people and moments that fill his life. When not documenting the innovation work at Chick-fil-A corporate, he can be found shooting at his church, the streets of East Point, or his wife’s cake studio.

Follow him on Instagram and see more of his work on his Website.

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  1. zarwhitetaker zarwhitetaker

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  2. Noam H

    That’s an article about best apps for 2016?
    A list of apps and links?
    What about a short description, to tell us what they do, at least?
    Or perhaps some detail on what makes them good, what makes them better than the rest?
    Right now it’s just “here’s some apps, now bugger off and install them”.

    | |
    • adam sanford

      Noam: +1… but perhaps with less vinegar.

      I, too, would like some context on what these apps do and why they are a good call for photographers. (Oh wait, that’s in the video *someone else* made that SLRL is simply summarizing for us. )

      #thereareeditorshererightquestionmark #originalcontentplease

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    • Alexander McKenna

      Watch the video?

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