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Lightroom 4 Quick tip Ctrl/CMD+Z Tips & Tricks

Some Cool Lightroom 4 Quick Tips for Image Selection with the Undo Command

By Pye Jirsa on April 16th 2013

One of the more annoying experiences in Lightroom occurs when you are trying to make a complex selection of multiple images in Lightroom’s Library Module, and you inadvertently deselect the images because you forget to hold down Ctrl/CMD when selecting the next image. In this SLR Lounge episode, we have a quick tip that will prevent frustration and help your efficiency.

The ubiquitous Ctrl/CMD+Z is the popular and useful keyboard command that will undo your last action in many software. In this Lightroom A to Z video, we show you two ways of using the Undo command in order to help you become more efficient. To learn about these two tips, take a look at this quick video.

Watch the Video

Lightroom 4 A to Z

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