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Software That Fixes Blurry Photos?

By Justin Lin on September 17th 2012


With the crazy dynamic range of the Nikon D800 and three layer HDR/nine layer in-camera compositing of the Canon 6D, technology is definitely making snapping a good pic easier, but what to do when we snap that occasional  blurry pic?

A company called Blurity has come up with an app for both PC and Mac that removes motion and focus blurs for the moments that you get a case of the caffeine-withdrawal shakes or your autofocus decides to not be so auto. The results aren’t perfect but it does a decent job by essentially creating a blur profile and re-aligning the images.  Here’s are a few good examples of a before and after:


For those of you that use Photoshop to remove blur here is a blog entry from Blurity on the differences.

You can download the software here to try it out but it watermarks your images.  To remove the watermarking, you’ll have to pony up a one time fee of $39.00 USD.

Word of advice, don’t throw the reciprocal rule or rules of freezing motion out the window just yet;  but the next time you run from outdoors to indoors on Aperture priority mode and snap off that must have shot without thinking, you know Blurity’s got your back.

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Justin Lin is the Co-founder of SLR Lounge, UNDFIND, LJP Studios and Lin and Jirsa Photography and photographs approximately 50 weddings a year. Aside from photography, he likes to take long walks on the beach in the rain, play basketball, spend time with his amazing wife, and geek out on the latest gadgets. Connect with him on Google Plus

If you have time to kill or if you have any comments, send him an email at

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    Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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    Really good software but it’s not for free too bad.

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    Aha! I’ll give it a whirl thanks.

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