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Socialmatic Camera Announces Pricing

By Anthony Thurston on July 19th 2013


We have mentioned the Socialmatic camera in the past, but until recently no pricing or availability information was made available. It was announced through the socialmatic facebook page that the Instagram logo inspired camera will launch with a price tag of $299.

For those of you unfamiliar, the Socialmatic Instagram camera is intended to be a real life representation of the famous camera app. The camera would share pictures taken on the social network as well as print physical copies – just like the old Polaroid’s did. The initial concept specs included 16GB of SD storage, a 4:3 touch screen, an LED flash, optical zoom, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and the built in Polaroid printer. In the concept the printed images would bare the photographer’s Instagram handle as well as a QR code so other users of the camera could scan and find the photographers feed. It has also been confirmed that Android will be powering the camera.

Its not a bad set of specs, but that $299 price tag really worries me. A novelty item such as this which prints images should be much more affordable. A price tag of almost $300 essentially prices the item out of the budget of most people who would be interested in purchasing it. I think that a price tag in the range of $100 to $150 would be much better suited for an item like this.

What are you thoughts? Is $299 a death sentence to the socialmatic instagram camera? Let us know in a comment below.

[via Socialmatic Facebook]

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  1. Howard

    I would much rather have a real Polaroid camera. I’m surprised they aren’t making a comeback given how popular “analog” apps such as Hipstamatic and Instagram have become.

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  2. Jens

    I agree with most of the people here…
    With a price like that you can buy almost any phone and you will still have a decent camera and 3g or maybe even 4g to always be able and upload it with.
    The only difference here is the design and instant printing option which both is awesome.
    But in the end for instant printing there is other cheaper options..
    So the only question left now,
    is the design really worth $300?
    For me that is way overpriced.

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  3. Trenton Meador

    For $300 I don’t think this will take off. The biggest problem is the t price tag. Simply put it’s just a more modern polaroid but for people who love overdone filters and effects.

    I really don’t see a selling point for the mass of people that it’s going to be targeted to. It’s too much, more so when you consider that most people have some sort of Smart Phone (most with instagram), with a built in camera that can take picture and you can goto your local supermarket all-in-one-super store and get prints for $0.17 per picture. Not to mention with a smartphone it’s instant sharing on the web (without the need for wifi to upload them like the above product).

    Taking specs off the website makes this camera even worse than I thought. 14MP front camera on (I’m assuming here) 1/2.3 or 1/3.2 sensor (to keep cost down). And why there is a rear facing 2MP camera is just blowing my mind for a camera. 4GB internal storage seems a bit low considering that you only going to get MAYBE 3gb after the OS and other little things. Yes there is a slot for expandable memory, but with memory so cheep and the target of this product; they are not going to want to pay an extra 20$ for more memory. GPS, WiFi and BT are all standard things so nothing special there. The Instant printer is a neat concept, and has been an old one but I bet it has some new features that will make it better than polaroids, but I’m curious how much the ink and paper will cost. The ‘remote printing’ is only when you get into a connected wifi range (or use your phone to give it a hot spot) . Socialmatic network compliant? Eh? That means what? I ask because there is like no information what this ‘network’ is. Best I can gather is it will multi post for you to all the major social sites like facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, ect ect.

    For $300, I can use my phone for free and get 2,307+ pictures printed, and not have to buy ink and paper and carry around another gimmicky gadget.

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  4. Heather McDaniel

    I was really looking forward to this camera but I will not be paying that much for it. Especially since the Walgreens app lets you print 4×4 pictures straight from your Instagram feed!

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  5. James

    The Z2300B is what everyone is looking for… Price point closer to $150 (it’s $180…), detached from social media, with an ‘instant print’ option (which is optional). It looks like, from the tiny print, that the socialmatic has some pricier features (GPS, 14 instead of 10 megapixels, wifi and bluetooth), which is probably what’s pushing the price up. But if all you care about is a ‘fun’ little camera with instant print capabilities, the Z2300B would seem to be ‘better’.

    Link to the Z2300B:

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  6. Dia Dipasupil

    I like what this camera is about, but a $299 price tag is a death sentence.

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  7. nitsan

    i like the idea if the pics are alright quality.
    price is a bit more than i would pay unless i was really rich, since i would only use it as a bit of a fun toy sorta thing.

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  8. Ricardo

    Maybe $299 is a bit steep when you consider a camera, but if you factor in that it also will print pictures on-the-fly, maybe it find its niche. I bet the price might fall a lot in the next 6 months or so, specially as competition will catch up.

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  9. Aaron Best

    $300 is too much, you can get a better spec bridge camera for that amount which will probably take better pictures. Also I think the fact it revolves around instagram narrows it’s market too much to ask for such a big price tag, as it’s by no means the perfect website for pictures. (considering they own the right to use your pictures that are on instagram). The built in printer is a good idea, giving the old Polariod camera a new twist. Especially as it’s not mandatory so you still have the digital copies and don’t end up spending a lot having to print all the pics. Although the cost of ink and the paper is another worry, will using the printer be affordable?

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    • Trenton Meador

      I agree that it is too much. I don’t think that with having the android OS will have it be limited to just one social service. According to the website it will support all kinds of them.

      Still not worth the tag for what you get out of it.

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    • Rose Tyler

      Are you my Mummy?

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