Gabi-stickler-snails-1Snails usually are not creatures we give much thought about. We try to keep them from our gardens. We try not to step on them and sometimes in fancy restaurants, they are doused in butter and treated like a delicacy. For most of us, that is the extent of which we consider snails.

But for German photographer, Gabriele Stickler, snails are fascinating creatures that she has turned her camera’s attention toward. As an amateur photographer, having only picked up a camera last year, Gabi’s main focus is on her Golden Retriever, Mali. Her website is full of photographs of Mali, Mali’s prized possession, a teddy bear, and their adventures. But then she discovered the beauty of snails and began posing them as her subjects as well.



Gabi’s images are not Photoshopped or composites. (Only the basic color correcting and touch ups are used in post processing). Gabi actually sets up a scene, places the snails where she wants them and then clicks away. Being a slow moving slug, snails don’t move very quickly, so Gabi is able to pose them on various props and position them just so and let them be, well, snails.  In some images, she includes Mali as part of the scene as well.

For equipment, Gabi says she uses “low budget” gear. With only a Sony a58 and a Sony 50mm f/2.8 Macro lens, Gabi creates some pretty incredible and bokeh-licious images to showcase the world of snails of which she says are “beautiful, curious and courageous” creatures.

To see more of Gabi Stickler’s work, including lots of photos of Mali and more photos of snails, check out her website here and see her most recent photographs on Facebook.


Gabi-stickler-snails-5 Gabi-stickler-snails-9 Gabi-stickler-snails-10 Gabi-stickler-snails-11 Gabi-stickler-snails-12 Gabi-stickler-snails-13


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