How do you cut through the noise and engage with the people that matter most? While Instagram makes it easy to see the most popular hashtags, take your customer engagement strategy to a higher tier with Smarthash – the newest way to generate and implement the most current and smartest hashtags, and track each’s performance.

With one-click Smarthash will give you the power to pick the hashtags that work for you, tailored to your specific uses and needs and those of the audience you’re trying to engage. You can get an idea about what’s on tap from the teaser video above, but we’ve broken down more for you  below.

Smarthash App Features

Currently, even if we can create and post amazing content and tag the tried and trending hashtags, we don’t exactly know what is driving our engagement. Smarthash eliminates the guessing work by synthesizing the approach to tags. By providing user-friendly analytics, we can now test individual tags, see what tags are working, and which we should ditch.

Founder, Chris Allan Li, claims that the new app will change the way we hashtag; with how-to-videos, Instagram tips and personalized lists, we’ll never have to wonder if we picked the best tags again. That’s the idea anyway. The Split Test Copy feature provides users with analytics for individual tags for followers, time of day, day of week, and even can filter each Instagram post. Essentially, the more you Smarthash, the smarter your hashtags and posts become. With an easy-to-follow heat map, we will be able to see our most popular hashtags which may change our engagement strategy.

Smarthash v. Social Media Giant

Li stresses his concern that the coding and logistics can easily be duplicated. Gaining these types of analytics are extremely useful for any business, creative, entrepreneur, and it’s quite shocking that Instagram hasn’t come up with this too – maybe in due time. So while Smarthash seems like a dream, it may very easily be outdated if Instagram decides to implement this hashtag generation and/or analytics in their own app. At the end the day, it’s not a matter of who came out with it first, it’s about which app makes for a seamless user interface.

He identifies, in a recent vlog, that although the Beta version seems rock solid, he’s not sure how the coding may react to a surge in users and downloads. It’s very likely the algorithms that make Smarthash covetable may stall, delay, perhaps crash altogether. However, Instagram had the same growing pains and Smarthash is making the right steps to have a seamless user interface experience prior to full launch.

In its promo video, Li marries Smarthash with Instagram but only time will tell how far the relationship will go. If history tells us anything, anytime an app threatens Instagram’s vitality updates are made soon after to consume these new features (Snapchat). Smarthash is officially set to release on April 15, be the first to download the new app here.