The Lightroom 4 A – Z DVD has been an incredible success. With an intuitive menu system and nearly 14 hours of content, this DVD takes you from knowing nothing about Lightroom 4 all the way to mastering Lightroom 4! And now, we finally have the physical dvd which is now available through Amazon Prime!


What Other People are Saying

People have been raving about the SLR Lounge LR4 DVD. Check out what these major photography blogs and websites had to say about the Lightroom 4 DVD.

Jaron Schneider of the FStoppers – “This is the best way I have seen to learn how to use Lightroom. Hands down, no contest. I could even go so far as to say that it is possibly the best instructional DVD for a software program I have ever watched.” – Read the official review here

Udi Tirosh of DIY Photography – “It is the most complete video tutorial I’ve seen to date and although I’ve been using Lightroom since version 2, I got some golden nuggets from almost each episode.” – Read his article here

Physical DVD on Amazon Prime!

Up to this point, we have only had the Digital Download version of this DVD available for purchase. Now, the the physical DVD is available through Amazon Prime by Clicking Here! If you have already purchased the digital copy and would like to receive a physical copy as well, for $10 we can ship you out a physical disc.

NOTE – Remember that while this is a DVD, it is only playable through a Windows or Mac computer and not through a standard DVD player. Optimally, you will want to watch this program on your secondary display, while following along in Lightroom on your primary display.