In this episode of the SLR Lounge Forum Constructive Critique, we take a look at the how lighting plays an important part in creating the right mood to an image. Hard lighting is great for very masculine and gritty scene, but may not be as appropriate for a wedding scene. Soft, diffused lighting is great for taking portraits of children and for giving a soft, airy feel to a photograph.

Learning how to harness the right type of lighting is one of the critical skills to develop as photographers, and seeing other people’s photographer and dissecting their lighting can help you understand how to light and shoot better.

About the SLR Lounge Constructive Video Critique

The SLR Lounge Constructive Video Critique series gives you, our readers, the chance to have your photos constructively critiqued by our staff as well your peers in the photography community.

Submitting an image is free and easy! All you have to do is visit the Constructive Critique section of the SLR Lounge Forum and start a thread with your image in it. Please be sure to read the rules prior to posting, and please limit to one unique image per thread. Finally, whether you are posting your images or giving critique to someone else’s, please keep all comments constructive and objective.

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The Images

FunMaker by MiltownEd: Thread link
FunMaker by MiltownEd

HDR Bokeh Butterfiles and Concrete by kbelmont: Thread link
HDR Bokeh Butterfiles and Concrete by kbelmont

Cup of Joe by AlphaMale: Thread link
Cup of Joe by AlphaMale

Battleship Portrait by kbelmont: Thread link
Battleship Portrait by kbelmont

My Son Caleb by iwinmac: Thread link
My Son Caleb by iwinmac

Wedding Shot by Harryman2002: Thread link
Wedding Shot by Harryman2002

Daydreaming by Zooktography: Thread link
Daydreaming by Zooktography

Sandwiched by cristophe: Thread link
Sandwiched by cristophe

Mysterious Flower by Liwinmac: Thread link
Mysterious Flower by Liwinmac

My Father by mcjoli: Thread link
My Father by mcjoli

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