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SLR Lounge Awards January 2018 Winners Announced!

By Shivani Reddy on February 17th 2018

Our January Awards submission closed at the end of last month and we faced some difficult decisions in choosing our group of winners. If you didn’t receive an award, don’t give up! We choose winners every month so keep submitting for your chance to be awarded in February!

To familiarize yourself with the scoring and selection of our winners please visit the Awards Instructions page.

Wedding Portraiture Category

Apex Winners

Johnny Garcia

Dave Shay

Carsten Schertzer

David Hofman


Summit Winners

Meiggy Permana

Nick Giardina

Pavel Gomzyakov

Julian Somadewa

Joe Dantone

Krzysztof Krawczyk

Mantas Gričėnas

Jason Vinson

Alex Zyuzikov

Miguel Angel

Dbatista Photography

Ascent Winners

Tom Fuller

Donni Juniawan

Ruan Redelinghuys

Marcin Karpowicz

Donatas UFO

Alex Zyuzikov

Megan Allen

Jimmy Bui

Paco Van Leeuwen

Megan Allen

Wedding Photojournalism Category

Apex Winners

Aaron Storry

Shane Watts
Beth Lang

Summit Winners

Daniel West

Chad Winstead

Glady Putra

Colin Coleman

Ascent Winners

Kelly Giardina

JD Land

Sean Dewitt

Submit to SLR Lounge Awards to be featured on site and win an Apex, Summit, or Ascent Award – submission closes for January at the end of the month!

Shivani wants to live in a world where laughter is the cure to pretty much everything. Since she can’t claim “Serial Bingewatcher” as an occupation, she’ll settle for wedding/portrait photographer at Lin and Jirsa & marketing coordinator here at SLR Lounge. For those rare moments when you won’t find a camera in her hand, she will be dancing, eating a donut, or most likely watching Seinfeld.

Follow her on Instagram: @shivalry_inc

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