About a month ago we shared some info about Skylum Softwares new AI Enabled Sky Replacement Technology¬†that’s due out this fall. Well this morning the Marketing & Education team decided to share a sneak peek of the new AI Sky Replacement filter in action!

Watch how AI Sky Replacement uses the power of artificial intelligence to seamlessly replace a sky without the need to manually create a complicated mask.

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The press announcement last month included several series of sample images to compare, but let’s be real, without seeing the AI in action it’s hard to believe it was doable. So this quick new video…kinda puts a lot of that doubt to bed REAL QUICK! I’m still a little hesitant since it still feels too good to be true, so personally I can’t wait to get hands on with this (in beta or official release), to give it a in studio test with some of my images.

Please keep in mind also, that the version of the application shown above is still in a Beta and the layout and ui could be changed drastically upon the official release.

From what we’ve read and been told, currently the sky selections are limited to what’s included with the software but we don’t have any info on how many, (or few), that will be at this point. The big question we have is if and when we’ll be able to add our own sky libraries to this app? The team at Skylum is also teasing additional AI enabled filters coming in Luminar 4, so stay tuned for updates on those as we get them.

Regardless of being an Adobe purist, being a bit of a landscape photographer myself, and having MANY of my random trips end with the skies being pretty boring, i’m interested in Luminar 4 JUST for this feature, (if it works as good as it’s boasting). What about you? Will you download and give this a try upon its release? Let us know in the comments below