Being an active photographer, or anyone that uses their camera really, holds the risk of damage to said camera. Even the most careful photographers out there have drops here and there, so what happens when you crack that glass that protects your camera’s rear LCD?

instructables-duy-glass-fix Well, for most people that means sending the camera in for repair, paying an arm and a leg for it, and having your camera out of commission for weeks, maybe even longer if the repair shops are busy. What about fixing it yourself? It is pretty easy actually, and the tutorial below proves just that…

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Instructables user fixed his for a mere $20 and about 5 minutes of work. Literally, all you need are a suction cup, hair dryer (or heat gun), and a replacement piece of glass. I don’t know about you, but $20 and 5 minutes sounds a lot better than hundreds of dollars and weeks without the camera to me. Lots better actually. If this interests you, and you want to learn to fix your own screen simply head on over to the Instructables article here.


What are your thoughts on this method of fixing your cracked screen? Would you trust your own work or do you prefer to pay more and wait longer to get back up and running for the piece of mind knowing a professional fixed it? Leave a comment below! [via Instructables]