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Simply Powerful: Amazing Paper Silhouettes Photographed to Recreate Popular Movie Scenes

By Anthony Thurston on October 16th 2013

Using only paper and creative use of photography photographer David Reeves has created one of the neatest projects that I have come across in a while. Taking inspiration from popular movies and tv shows Reeves recreates the scenes with only paper, common household items,  and a creative use of camera settings and lighting. The results are simple, yet powerful.

Check out some of my favorites below. But stick around for some cool behind the scenes photos and info after scene images.

western-scene zombie-scene-1 samurai-scene-1 batman-scene-1 limbo-scene-1 limbo-scene-2 limbo-scene-3 limbo-scene-4 batman-scene-3

Behind the Scenes

Pretty awesome project isn’t it? It is rare that something so simple impresses me so much. I was really curious about just how simple it was and that’s when I cam across these behind the scenes shots… it really makes you appreciate the end results even more.

Just by looking at these behind the scenes shots you can see that just about anyone has the tools necessary to do this, or at least can get them at a relatively low cost. You can see a simple transparent shoot through umbrella, a studio strobe, and then the rest is just paper and tape as well as the occasional blanket.

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limbo-scene-5 batman-scene-4 batman-scene-2 samurai-scene-2 zombie-scene-3 zombie-scene-2

I’m not sure about you but this is very inspiring to me. I am a stay at home dad when I am not out on photography jobs, so I constantly find myself giving excuses as to why I can’t get out and shoot. I could very easily turn this into a craft project with my son and create some cool shots in the process.

What are your thoughts? Thinking about giving this a try? Let us know in a comment below.

[via HiConsumption]

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Jimmy

    Interesting! I loved that game. I always thought this was done in photoshop. It would’ve been a whole lot easier!!

    | |
  2. Matt

    The 4 pictures near the end with the little boy are from a game called “limbo”, not photographs.

    | |
    • Brian

      You can see in the first BTS photo that the photographer re-created scenes from LIMBO just like he did the rest – layer on layer, silhouette on silhouette.

      Very good stuff. One of these days I’m going to think of something creative :)

      | |
  3. David Liang

    This is so creative! Love the idea, thanks for finding this.

    | |