In addition to the lenses that we mentioned in our other post today, Sigma also announced a couple of new mirrorless cameras this morning. The SD Quattro and SD Quattro H are a pair of uniquely designed Foveon-based mirrorless cameras that make use of Sigmas proprietary SA lens mount.


Sigma’s New SD Quattro Mirrorless Cameras

The Sigma SD Quattro line of cameras is made up of two models: a 36MP*(*equivalent, according to Sigma) APS-C Foveon-based camera and a 56MP*APS-H  Foveon-based option.

Honestly, we really have not received much information on these cameras yet other than what I have noted. We can see the unique design, and according to what little we have been able to find, these are built with dust and moisture-resistant construction (weather-sealed).

Bildschirmfoto-2016-02-23-um-08.20.26-700x329 Bildschirmfoto-2016-02-23-um-08.20.30-700x362 Bildschirmfoto-2016-02-23-um-08.20.34-700x378


I must be honest; I am really curious about the design of these. Part of me really likes it, and part of me is sort of wondering who on Earth approved this. I mean, take the viewfinder placement for example, on the right side of the camera…if you shoot with your right eye, then this will be great for you, but for left eye shooters like myself, this is a very odd location.

Then there is the mount choice. People keep getting on Canon and Nikon wanting F/EF mount mirrorless cameras. Well, this is likely what we would get if they did that…a weird ‘tube’ protruding from the camera. It looks odd here for the SA mount, and it would look odd on a Nikon/Canon body.

No pricing or availability has been announced for these yet, but I would guess that they will end up somewhere near the higher end of the other Quattro cameras.

What are your thoughts on these new mirrorless cameras from Sigma? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[Via Sigma Website]