When Sigma announced their new F/2 full frame zoom lens, the 24-35mm F/2 Art, many of us were wondering why they chose to go with such a limited focal range. Surely, the lens is useful, but only to a niche crowd, and only in certain situations. But now we may have an idea on why Sigma released the lens when they did.


We had been hearing 24-70mm F/2 rumors from Sigma more a while and all indications were that they were trying to make one. But now we are hearing of a Canon F/2 zoom lens project, which if Sigma got word of, may have prompted the – what some might call – premature release of their F/2 full frame zoom lens.

Sigma has a lot of positive press to gain if they are first to the F/2 FF zoom lens party, even if the lens is slightly underwhelming in its usability. So if they received word that Canon was nearing a launch of their own F/2 lens, I could easily see Sigma releasing what they had been working on – what appears to be the 24-35mm F/2 lens – just so they could have that ‘we were first’ moment.

A new post over at Canon Rumors indicates that Canon is, in fact, working on their own F/2 FF zoom lens project. But we don’t have any focal range or really any details on the lens other than that it is being worked on. The CR admin thinks Canon would not be constrained by marketing (Sigma is known for low price, high value lenses – where Canon is not) needs, and could possibly produce a more versatile lens because they could ask more for it.

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While I agree with that to a point, I am not sure that Sigma would be scared to ask a lot if they had a 24-70mm F/2 working. I mean look at their 150-600mm sports lens; that is $2000 when all the competition is around the $1,000 mark (including their contemporary version).

I am curious what you all think of this possibility. Do you think that Sigma would rush to market jut to beat Canon and be first? If Canon is close to their own F/2 launch, what do you think it will be?

[via CR]