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What to Expect From Sigma For Photokina 2014

By Anthony Thurston on August 11th 2014

Nikon is setting up to make a splash Photokina, Canon may or may not be positioning themselves nicely, as well. But the company am I most looking forward to seeing what they have in store is:

Sigma Logo

Sigma is on an amazing run of form with their new Global Vision line of lenses, specifically in the Art lens designation. But what does the company have in store for us at Photokina? If the rumors are to be believed, we can be 95% sure that they will release either an 85mm F/1.4 Art or a 24mm F/1.4 Art – possibly both, though two at a time seems unlikely to me.

Also on the docket, at 95% probability, another sports lens to supplement the 120-300mm beast. Many think this will be a 300-600mm or something along those lines. Personally, I would rather see a solid 70-200mm, but a 300-600mm would be cool, too, for different reasons.


There are also some minor rumors floating around regarding maybe a new macro lens, and a replacement for the 50-150mm APS-C lens. But those are not very high on the rumor totem pole, and I would be very surprised to see them.

[REWIND: Sigma’s Next DSLR May feature Quattro Foveon Tech]

Sigma could also possibly roll out their next Foveon-based DSLR, but given as they don’t even have all of their DP Quattro cameras released to market yet, I think they will probably hold off on the DSLR for now.

Overall, I think if the “highly probable” rumors from above comes true at Photokina, I think it will be a solid event for Sigma. Especially if they release both the 85mm and the 24mm, which would basically round out all of the prime lenses they need.


So what do you think? What on that list tickles your fancy the most? Leave a comment below!

[via Sigma Rumors]

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  1. Austin Swenson

    I like the whole sigma art lens lineup, I think that if they move in this same direction with all their lenses, they will be in great shape, and maybe even curve the price down from the main manufacturers eventually so we don’t have such expensive glass… It may take a while to get there, but I can dream…

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  2. Tor-Ivar Næss

    Unlikely at this time, but I’d love to see Sigma challenge Zeiss at superwide with their Art-series.

    | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Considering that Sigma has previously done their own set of f/1.8 wide angle primes, the 20mm f/1.8 being one that nobody else ever bothered to attempt matching, …I’d say that an ultra-wide Zeiss-ish 21mm f/2 or better is a possibility, eventually. Unfortunately for us, (but fortunately for the masses) obviously Sigma has to focus on frying the bigger fish first! The good news is that high sales for 35, 50, and 85 primes will only help fuel the production (and hopefully, perfection) of more specialized lenses…


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  3. Michel Andy

    Updated 70-200mm :)

    | |
  4. Adrian Jones

    I’d love to see some Art Canon style Cine level prime lenses!

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  5. Kevin Cucci

    85 1.4 art would be amazing and I will have my credit card waiting to be swiped immediately for it.

    | |
  6. Jack Howdeshell

    Sadly, if their production of new products, I.e., 50mm f/1.4 Art, is unable to reach the retail shelves, it matters little was they bring out next.

    | |
    • Phil Bautista

      The reason they’re not reaching retail shelves is because they’re selling out so fast. In that sense, it does matter because it shows they have a good idea what their market wants and how to make a good product worthy of attention.

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    • Jack Howdeshell

      Very true, Sigma has a very good grasp of what the consumer desires, myself included. But, if production/delivery on the 50mm remains an issue, what happens if the next lens creates a similar demand? The best R&D in the world is only as good as the production side of the business.

      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      “It matters little”. How does it really and truly matter “little”? I’m assuming you’re being sarcastic here, because it is much more common than you think for hot, highly acclaimed items to be out of stock. When certain Nikon bodies and lenses first came out, they were hard to get for up to a YEAR!!! I think the D700 was one of those bodies. They just couldn’t make them fast enough. The Canon 5-series followed along those lines too, at times.

      Simply put, I’m OK with Sigma’s production being an issue, because it means a number of good things… 1.) They’re taking their time and not cutting corners; these puppies are built solid, and they’re not going to compromise just to make more $$$. 2.) They’re surely making them as fast as they can, and therefore it can be assumed that despite being out of stock, they’re rolling in the dough for these Art lenses. Therefore, I’m sure they’ll ramp up production as soon as they can afford to.

      The bottom line is that everybody was expecting this lens to cost $100-300 more than it came out at, especially considering that it spanks the Canon and Nikon versions that cost $500-$600 MORE. Sigma made this pricing decision very carefully, and probably has this whole situation very well plotted out.

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  7. Phil Bautista

    They already have pretty good 85/1.4 and stabilized 70-200/2.8 lenses. Getting “Art” or “Sport” versions is just overkill. I’d rather see something new, like a 50-135/2.8 DG (for full frames).

    | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Oooh, a wish that is close to my own heart! Ever since I got the 50-150 2.8 for my crop sensor, and started using it on my full-frame cameras from time to time, I’ve been dying to have the same focal range on full-frame instead of 70-200.

      The two tele lenses that I’d love to see are a 50-135 f/2 DC for 1.5x crop, (or f/1.8, if possible, to match the gorgeous 18-35) …and a 50-135 or 50-150 2.8 for FX.

      I think, quite honestly, that Sigma’s forte has always been in specialty lenses that simply don’t “fit in” with a direct comparison against Canon or Nikon. Their 50-150 was never matched by either. Nor was the 18-35. Their 20, 24, and 28 1.8 lineup was cool, back in the day. And their 150 and 180 2.8 macros are the only macros to hit 2.8 longer than the Canon / Nikon ~100’s that have been around.

      In other words, even though I bet Sigma probably plans to make a 24-70 2.8 and 70-200 2.8 “ART”, I really wish they’d instead make a 17-40 f/2, or a 24-60 f/2, or whatever they can pull off, and a 50-135 f/2, or 50-135 2.8, or whatever else. Either of these full-frame lenses would be HIGHLY appreciated…


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  8. Michael Lin

    Give me 85mm F1.4 ART and 24-70 <F2 ART!

    | |
  9. Matthew Saville

    Bring on the 24mm f/1.4 Art! My D800e is craving it for astro-landscapes and low-light photojournalism!!!!


    | |
  10. Eric Mazzone

    I want a 135 f/2 like was promised a few years ago!

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  11. Cy Sawyer

    I have been waiting for Sigma to update their 70-200 2.8 to the new line. I can hope.

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