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Sigma May Update Their USB Dock to Work With Older Lenses

By Anthony Thurston on November 6th 2013

This is an interesting rumor that I came just came across, apparently Sigma is playing with the idea of expanding the ability of their USB Dock to work with their older lenses as well as their newer lenses. Currently the Sigma USB Dock($59) only works with lenses from Sigma’s new Art, Sports or Contemporary lens lineups.


This would be a really interesting move on Sigma’s part, but one has to wonder how much functionality would even be possible with the older lenses? I mean if it was as simple as flipping a switch and making the USB Dock compatible then you would think that they would have done it already.

It does sound like a really good idea though, Sigma’s older lenses are not known for their quality, especially with AF compatibility, so if you were able to use the USB dock to  tweak your older lenses it would be a huge win for owners of older Sigma glass.

That said, I would be very surprised to see this actually happen. I doubt that most of sigmas older glass even has the innards for the USB dock to make the changes that it is able to on the newer glass. But if I am wrong, and the functionality is possible with older lenses, then Sigma really needs to do this because it would make the Sigma USB Dock that much more valuable.

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[via Photo Rumors]

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  1. Mark Umbrella

    Pity the poll does not offer “I have no bloody idea what this USB dock is for.” answer, so I could vote too… Hhaa
    Through the text I understand that this “thing” could make some older lenses to be “better”!? If this is true, thinking from the producers side of view: Why would a producer improve bunch of old and already sold products, knowing that this will decrease the sales of the NEW products?!?
    Are you with me?

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      I guess I should have talked a bit about what the dock does huh. The Sigma USB Dock allows users to connect the lens to their computers to make advanced modifications to the lenses Auto-focus functions and update the lens firmware. The reason that this would be a boon to older Sigma users is that older Sigma lenses are not known for the AF accuracy, so if this could help fix that problem then those lenses become much more useful.

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  2. Jimmy Lund

    I as a snobby amateur photographer – to much gadget (brand) geek – swore never to bye a third party glass. Just received Sigma 18-35 1.8 and the 50-150 2.8 APO DC in the same week for my Nikon D7000. Holy Baloney I was was just a fool . This new Sigma lenses rocks the floor. Bet some guys at Nikon and Canon sales sweating as hell. Yes make the dock work with older lenses as well – idiot prof marketing step ahead.

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      Sigma’s new glass is spectacular, great performance and value. Their older lenses were very much it or miss in regards to quality assurance, so being able to “fix” them with the USB dock would be amazing.

      | |
    • Hadarmil

      Got the 50-150mm os( Bleeding eyes sharp and amazing colors) and even though I needed the specific range, I was very hesitant to buy an older(not too old, just pre GV) Sigma when so much extra value and future proofing is stuffed in the new lenses.
      Probably some detrimental effect of the A/C/S line just might have made older lenses seem obsolete, which would really hurt Sigma as the new lenses are just a tiny portion of their catalog. That is probably the thought behind such a move.

      | |
    • Nick Delhanidis

      nothing but problems with my two sigma purchases in 2013. 120-400 used & 120-300 new (non “S”). Paradox : after service, the 120-400 rocks while the 120-300 although sent two times to Germany Sigma Service, it is still unable to focus on anything that slightly moves. And i came across not a few people who sold their 120-300s due to various inconsistencies .Keep such not rare incidents in mind as well when going third party

      | |
  3. Derek

    Yesterday is too late! Last month would’ve been better

    | |
  4. a


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  5. Adam

    Fantastic idea – I’d buy tomorrow if they did this. ..

    It may be possible with older lenses to download their settings (firmware?), edit it on the pc then reupload it. Surely that is what service centres do to calibrate lenses etc

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