This is an interesting rumor that I came just came across, apparently Sigma is playing with the idea of expanding the ability of their USB Dock to work with their older lenses as well as their newer lenses. Currently the Sigma USB Dock($59) only works with lenses from Sigma’s new Art, Sports or Contemporary lens lineups.


This would be a really interesting move on Sigma’s part, but one has to wonder how much functionality would even be possible with the older lenses? I mean if it was as simple as flipping a switch and making the USB Dock compatible then you would think that they would have done it already.

It does sound like a really good idea though, Sigma’s older lenses are not known for their quality, especially with AF compatibility, so if you were able to use the USB dock to  tweak your older lenses it would be a huge win for owners of older Sigma glass.

That said, I would be very surprised to see this actually happen. I doubt that most of sigmas older glass even has the innards for the USB dock to make the changes that it is able to on the newer glass. But if I am wrong, and the functionality is possible with older lenses, then Sigma really needs to do this because it would make the Sigma USB Dock that much more valuable.

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[via Photo Rumors]