I recently got my hands on Sigma’s latest DP camera, the DP1. At 19mm, though, it is not ideal for individual portraits. The first DP Quattro camera, the DP2, however, has a 30mm lens (or 45mm in a full frame equivalent) which gives you a wonderful portrait lens and right now, it’s also on sale for some major savings!


DP2 Quattro Only $599 After $400 Savings

As I mentioned above, the 30mm lens on the DP2 makes it a great portrait lens for those of you who like to shoot portraits on your 50mm lenses. The color and detail available from these X3 Foveon sensors is nuts, and despite the small workflow annoyances, it is a camera I would love to add to my arsenal.

This is the time to get one too, since the DP2 is normally $999, which is a little pricey. But now, until December 2nd, you can get it for only $599, after $400 savings from B&H. It is almost a no brainer.

If you would like to get in on this incredible deal, make sure to head on over to B&H and get your order in ASAP. You only have until December 2nd, and then the price returns to $999.


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