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Sigma Discontinues 150-600mm Contemporary Lens In A Mount Before Release

By Anthony Thurston on February 16th 2015

Here is something that you don’t see often. Apparently, Sigma has gone and discontinued the Sony A Mount version of their 150-600mm Contemporary lens before the lens was even released.

Sigma 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Contemporary

Sigma 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Contemporary

This news comes from a new report over at Sony Alpha Rumors, citing an email notification sent out by B&H regarding the upcoming lens. If you signed up to be notified when the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens was available, you would have received an email from B&H letting you know what the lens has, in fact, been discontinued.

What makes this so bizarre is the fact that the lens availability and pricing on the contemporary lens was only just announced last week. It is rare for a company to discontinue something before it is even released, or rather, between announcement and release.


Some are saying that this is more proof that the Sony A Mount system is on its way out. I am not going to go that far, but it sure doesn’t look good for you A mount users out there.

What are your thoughts on this news? Do you find it odd for a company to discontinue an announced product before it is even released? Leave a comment below!

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]

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  1. Sean Goebel

    BH responded and said that it was a listing error and that the A-mount version of the lens never existed.

    Source: Sonyalpharumors

    …You might want to update your post.

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  2. Dave Haynie

    I wouldn’t bet large on Sony’s A-Mount sticking around. Sony themselves, in putting most of their effort behind the E-Mount system, changing the name to Alpha, etc. sure seems to be signalling where they see the future.

    There’s also the practical side: how well has Sony done on A-Mount? Was the move to push full frame on E-Mount more of a “getting there first” thing, or wasit more like consolidation? After all, the NEX line supposedly sold as well in some years,better in others, as Olympus, and better than Panasonic, in Japan, where mirrorless has actually been a significant share of the ILC market. The redubbed Alpha E-Mount also runs to dedicated camcorders, as does m43 and EOS, critical for any still camera company also invested in video. So they have other reasons to favor E-Mount.

    And Sony lost something like $2.1 billion in FY2014, on revnue of $77.5 billion. Sure, you probably can’t blame the tiny still ILC camera segment for any major fluctuations to Sony’s gigantic CE footprint. And they’re weirdly an electronics comoany that always seems perplexed on how to make money on electronics… in good years, Playstation software sales were close to 50% of Sony’s profits. But lose enpugh money, and you start to take a hard look at where you make money and where you spend it.

    Sure, Sony’s not goung to just announce the A-Mount is dead while it’s still selling, still in inventory, still supported with new lenses perhaps — well, not unless the just hired old Steven Elop and put him in charge of the camera division. But with the E-mount apparently doing really well (hard to find any solid numbers from Sony, though) and luring Sony users to the dark, er, mirrorless side faster than users of other systems, it’s their actions you have to watch. The next few big camera intros from Sony are likely to say much, particularly considering the balance of A-Mount vs E-Mount product intros in 2014 was way beyond being just a little lopsided.

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    • Michael Old

      I think you might be reading a bit too much in to it. The A mount is a mature system (it has some holes) and can stand on its own to meet the needs of pretty much most typical situations.
      The biggest knock on E mount is the lack of native lenses so Sony has been trying to fill that void, which has been made worse with the FE mount, while neglecting A mount because the return on investment probably isn’t as high.
      I think too much is made of the rebranding of A mount, it was done to bring it in line with the rest of Sonys camera products. All the rebranding costs money, something they probably wouldn’t do if they intended to just let the product die.
      But hey I can’t predict the future so the only people who really know are Sony executives

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  3. Michael Old

    The interest for the lens from A Mount users was probably too low that it wasn’t profitable to produce the A Mount version, so they axed it before they started producing any so that they didn’t have to spend any money on getting the production line ready.
    Sony makes some good kit, but the lack of retail support and 3rd party support make it a difficult option (from my experience – A57)

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