Sigma has been making a name for itself with their Art series and the other global vision lens lines. But their cameras of late have been niche offerings with little wide appeal, and we have been longing for an ideal SLR-style camera to really give their latest Foveon tech a chance to shine.


In a recent interview, Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki confirmed that the company is, in fact, working on an SLR style camera based around their latest Foveon X3 sensor. This is the same sensor, more or less, found in their latest DP Quattro cameras.

“As the first camera to have the new sensor, we chose the dp because of the shockless body and the dedicated lens optimized for the ultra high-resolution capturing. Of course, we’re planning to use the sensor for the SLR SD body.” Yamaki said in his interview with Yodobashi.

In the past, a big hurdle for Sigma cameras was a lack of quality lenses – or at least a perceived quality. But now with the Art series and Sigma’s improved lens reputation, I could see more photographers being willing to shoot with a Sigma system – assuming the new body lives up to expectations.

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Sigma’s last SLR, the SD1, was released way back in 2012 before their Art lenses really started to raise Sigma’s profile. Personally, I think it would be smarter of Sigma to ditch the mirror and develop their next camera with an eye towards mirrorless. But that would likely require a new mount – and changing their lens development – so I can see why they may be hesitant to take that plunge.

What are your thoughts on Sigma’s next camera? Are you interested at all in shooting a Foveon sensor with that incredible art glass? Would you like an SLR or Mirrorless style of camera? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Photo Rumors]