Sigma has announced the pricing and availability of their newest DP Quattro camera, the DP0.


The Sigma DP0 Quattro features a highly corrected 14mm F/4 fixed focal length lens, which provides a wide 21mm full-frame equivalent field of view. This is the DP Quattro for landscapers and people looking to get super wide on a DP camera with little to no distortion.

According to Sigma UK, the new DP0 will be available in June, and will share the same $999 price tag as its other DP Quattro siblings. The price has not been updated in stores here in the US yet, so there may be some differences between the US and the UK. In all likelihood, this is just because they have not updated their sites yet.

If you are interested, you can find the Sigma Dp0 Quattro over on B&H here, and sign-up for notifications about when they will begin taking orders.