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Sigma Also Announces New 18-300mm Contemporary Lens

By Anthony Thurston on September 6th 2014

Yesterday, we told you about Sigma’s bold shot across the bow of Tamron with their new 150-600mm announcement (still not officially announced in US/English). What we failed to mention was that Sigma also took another shot at Tamron, announcing a new 18-300mm as well…sigma-18-300mm

While 18-300mm superzoom lenses may not be what professionals are drooling over, they do hold a valuable place in the consumer market as great all in one solutions for people who just want to be able to capture a passable shot from virtually any distance. Tamron’s 16-300mm is one of the most popular on the market, and now it seems, Sigma is coming after Tamron’s bread and butter.

Sigma 18-300mm Specs

  • Construction: 17 elements, 13 groups with 4 FLD elements and 1 SLD elements
  • Filter diameter: 72 mm
  • Minimum focusing distance: 39 cm
  • Dimensions: 79 x 101,5 mm
  • Aperture blades: 7, rounded
  • Maximum magnification: 1:2
  • Weight: 585g / 20.6 oz.
  • Available mounts: Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sigma, Sony
  • Expected price: around $600


Overall, not a bad price for what looks to be a very nicely performing lens in this category. This is what I call a vacation lens, something that professionals may find useful on a vacation where they don’t want to lug around a ton of gear. Just one lens and you are good to go.

Again, neither this lens, nor the 150-600mm are officially announced in the US (or English language for that matter), so we still need to wait for the full details from Sigma USA on what the roll out and pricing will look like.

Stay tuned and we will keep you updated on both lenses and their availability once we are made aware of it.


What are your thoughts about these two new Sigma lenses? Do you think they are targeting Tamron, and their popular lenses, on purpose – or- is this just coincidence that these lenses directly compete with top performing Tamron offerings? Leave a comment below!

[via Sigma Rumors]

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  1. Wendell Fernandes

    wow… its a long lens. How about the aperture— anything in particular that can make this an great lens to consider?

    | |
  2. Jason Bobrich-Fechner

    I’ll wait for the reviews before considering as a holiday lens, and looking at the picture, not sure if this will have OS/IS. On a Crop Camera the 300mm becomes 480ish and without OS at F6.3 could be a big let down.

    | |
  3. John Cavan

    John Sherman has a funny write-up on 18-300 lenses on Photography Life, referring to it as his “guilty pleasure lens” that he can take around without having to think about it when just having fun. I suspect more professionals secretly have a lens like this if, for nothing else, the ability to walk about taking vacation or spontaneous photos without breaking their backs. I’m going to assume, though, that this is a crop format lens.

    | |
    • Phil Bautista

      The lens is designated as “DC” which is Sigma’s way of saying that this is a lens for crop sensors.

      | |
    • Phil Bautista

      There doesn’t seem to be any indication of whether this will have OS. No OS on a super-zoom is pretty disapponting specially when their older one does have it.

      | |
  4. Mark Iuzzolino

    Could be something I would consider if the AF and focus were very good.

    | |
  5. Chuck Eggen

    Any thoughts on the performance of such a broad tele range?

    | |
    • Phil Bautista

      I’ve been thinking about picking up the Tammy 16-300 after having sold my Tammy 18-250. The old lens had barrel distortion on the wide end and some pincushioning on the long end. From what I’ve read, the new one performs much better. I was actually quite ok with the performance of my lens but not having stabilisation was a bummer when walking around hand held because, let’s face it, it’s pretty difficult keeping it steady when zoomed in. The fact that the Sigma is NOT being advertised as having OS is a deal breaker because their previous one does have OS.

      | |