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Sigma Also Annouces New Teleconverters, Filters and 18-300mm Superzoom

By Anthony Thurston on September 12th 2014

Sigma didn’t just announce their new 150-600mm earlier, they also announced a pair of new teleconverters, some filters, and a surprisingly tempting 18-300mm lens.

Sigma Teleconverters


Sigma announce new 1.4x and 2x teleconverters, and while that may seem like not a big deal, it is and here is why. These teleconverters are designed to work with most any lens, but specifically, they were developed to pair perfectly with Sigma large diameter lenses.

Sigma claims that the new teleconverters will not affect lens performance, will provide a good image quality throughout the zoom range, and from the center to corners of their lenses. (I am skeptical that they will not affect the IQ at all, but maybe these teleconverters are THAT good?)

These new teleconverters are also dust and splash proof, making them safe to use in somewhat hairy situations where mud or rain may get on your setup. They are also capable of effective AF up to F/8 as long as your camera body can support that too, which is an awesome feature to have.

You can find pre-order links for the 1.4x ($349) and 2x ($399) over on B&H now. Availability is not yet known, but you can get your name on the list.

Sigma Filters

In addition to the teleconverters, Sigma also announced 4 new filters: WR Protector, Protector, WR UV Filter, and WR Circular PL Filter.


These filters have a new design that suits the high optical performance of all new Global Vision products to prevent vignetting or the decrease in peripheral light quantities especially when the thinner wide type filters are used with Sigma lenses.

By incorporating Sigma’s Super Multi-Layer Coating, the filter reduces flare and hosting; black rimmed glass eliminates unnecessary internal reflections, and provides high performance for both digital cameras and film cameras.


In addition, to ensure versatility, Sigma’s WR filters feature excellent water and oil repellents as well as an antistatic function, and the two types of “Protector” can protect the lens surface effectively.

There is no pricing, pre-order or availability information on these filters yet.

18-300mm Superzoom

Finally, Sigma also announced their new 18-300mm Superzoom. This is meant to be that all-in-one lens for travel or everyday family use that allows you to get any shot well, but maybe not spectacularly (decent at everything, great at nothing).


The lens has a minimum focus distance of 15 inches, combined with a max magnification of 1:3. Overall, a very versatile lens, with lots of use as that “all-in-one, grab-n-go” sort of lens.

The most tempting bit about this lens is the price, which is just below six hundred at $579. The lens is expected to be available in October, you can pre-order your copy now over on B&H.

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Matthew Saville

    As someone who has used a Sigma EX circular polarizer for many years and loved it dearly, I’m excited to see what these new filters cost. I bought my Sigma EX C-POL because it was only $99, and had front filter threads while still being slimmer than most of the other slim C-POL filters that have zero front threads. That, and it’s got practically zero color shift / sharpness loss.

    | |

    looking forward to some reviews

    | |
  3. Mads Helmer Petersen

    Looking forward to se some tests of the teleconverters – hope they will work perfectly with canon 70-200 mm :-)

    | |
  4. Brian Stalter

    Those teleconverters look so nice!

    | |