As the market for video content continues to evolve and prosumers and influencers demand more flexible access, today Shutterstock announced a new footage subscription plan that builds on its existing subscription model for its collection of 18+ million SD, HD and 4K video clips.

The new plan offers 5 videos a month for a flat cost of $99/month, with annual upfront, annual monthly, and month-to-month billing options available. This subscription is a unique packaging of footage that caters to an audience in need of more flexibility, but who still demands access to high quality, diverse, and authentic content.

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Shutterstock 5 Videos Per Month Landing Page

For example, this model will meet the needs of business owners creating DIY social ads, YouTube content creators and influencers needing occasional stock content to supplement their content, and creative professionals who want to test out the video as a new content type to leverage.

The new model is launching with a free collection of 50 pre-sized video clips that can be easily used for Facebook or Instagram ads. It adds to the footage pricing options that Shutterstock rolled out in April, which included the ability to choose from 10 or 20 clips a month.

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For contributors, just like our other video offerings, subscription downloads will pay a percentage of the price per clip paid by the customer. This new offering does not impact the current commissions structure.

Please visit the subscription landing page for more details.