Shutterfly is a popular service for the general public to get prints and products made from the digital files that you sell to them as a photographer (if you sell them digital copies that is). Shutterfly just released their new iPad book making app called Shutterfly Photo Story.

The premise of the app is pretty simple, you can make your own photo book from the comfort of your iPad, you can pull images from you tablet or from a variety of social networks. After you are finished designing your book through the app you can get it printed and shipped through Shutterfly within just a moment.



One of the neatest features though is that you can also add audio to your photobook and when a reader sees a QR code in the book they can scan it to be taken to the digital version where they can hear the audio that you recorded. Not anything that I would ever recommend in a professional setting, but for consumers and  special gifts to loved ones I think it is a great idea.


You can learn more about Shutterfly from their website, if you would like to check out the new app you can do so for free via the Apple App Store.

[via TechCrunch]