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Sh*t Model Management | Anonymous Models’ Instagram Account Hilariously Exposes The Fashion Industry

By Kishore Sawh on May 28th 2017

Disclaimer: This post has a modicum of swearing

There’s a recurring motif within the photography world (particularly in fashion) where models-turned-photographers seem to have an easier time booking clients, and have a quicker and steeper ascent than the average joe. Some may refer to it with negative connotations as ‘endemic’, but frankly, it’s just logical.

In every field there’s a premium on experience, which is why in many cases age and guile beat youth an innocence (read: experience versus naiveté), and to agencies, clients, and other models alike, models understand the business. They will understand how agencies work, the operations of a shoot, who is supposed to do what, how to interact with other models, and have an understanding of what the lives models live are like – something most others don’t get. But if you did want a peek behind the curtains into the real private lives and thoughts of models, Instagram account shitmodelmgmt is your voyeur’s perch.


i don’t even have boobs why do u want me to go topless ?‍♂️?

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Started by two models who choose to remain anonymous, the Instagram account Shitmodelmgmt was born out of frustration with the industry and has become a place where models can express the same. It communicates the realities of #modellife using the most effective communication tool ever known to humankind; something that transcends borders, gender, age, race, and even political affiliation: the meme.

When you take a funny video for your story but you can see how god awful the model apartment is in the background

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I will never fully know

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Speaking to their dedicated audience of over 120k IG followers –and everyone else who follows in the shadows– Shitmodelmanagement uses memes to cut right to the heart of a matter with humor, and those who have ever spent time with models or in the fashion industry can scroll through and immediately feel right at home.

And for those that haven’t? It’ll be a primer on the inner thoughts on those in the industry, give you an inkling of just how unglamorous and difficult model life can be, and generate some empathy with your subjects. There’s much to glean from this, like the evident undercurrent of models’ insecurities. From the soul-sucking wait times of castings, to the ‘life’ in a model apartment, it’s all there and worth a look.

#repost @houseofholland Stylists must be so brave…

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I knew I should have become Vine famous ?

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Give me an Instagram shoutout @gigihadid

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?be nice to me?

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It doesn’t take much

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