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Today’s post comes from Marius Igas, a wedding and portrait photographer in Romania. You can see more of his work on his website or Facebook.


This is a after wedding photo session. It was pretty cloudy that day, and I said to the couple: “If the sun comes out at the sunset, combined with those clouds we will take an amazing photo.” Sure enough the sun came out, I chose the longest pontoon for them to stand, and I started taking shots from different angles. This particular shot was my favourite.

How I Shot It: The Raw File

raw file

The Settings

28 mm//F16 // 1/80//ISO 100

I made the exposure for the sky and over exposed it with 1 or 2 stops to bring back some details for the ground.

I used a Nikon SB700 triggered by Pixel King to light the couple. My assistant was holding the flash.

lighting-diagram-1396996202The Gear Used

Nikon D800

Tamron 28-75 mm

Nikon SB700

Pixel King  trigger

The Post Processing

I imported the photo in Adobe Lightroom.

The settings in LR looked like this:


After that I worked on color saturation and luminance. For blue, I saturated the color more, and made it darker, for green I saturated the color and made it just a bit brighter.

I used a graduated filter to darken the sky more.

I used the brush tool to add more clarity tot the ground and clouds.

I used graduated filter to warm the ground and cool the sky.

After that I went into Photoshop to clone stamp my assistant and the dust spots.

Added the flare, and done.

Before:raw file



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