Mumbai-based photographer Martin Prihoda has paid a touching tribute to photography by writing and directing a touching and beautiful short film. This lovely film pays tribute both photography and Mumbai, the two things that have had a huge impact on Prihoda’s life.

Prihoda was originally based in Vancouver, before breaking through his barriers, stepping out of his comfort zone and moving to Mumbai 5 years ago.

In a recent interview with David Hobby of Strobist, Prihoda explains why he made the big decision to pick up and leave, and how this has affected him:

“I’m much more comfortable dealing with larger crews and delegating. I’m also much more at ease walking into an agency and showing my work or presenting my thoughts at a pre-production meeting or even just sitting and discussing ideas with the editor or art director of a magazine.”

“I feel as though Mumbai threw me into the big leagues with real players and real budgets. I suppose the most important thing for me is that I answered my ‘what if’ questions: what if I moved out of my comfort zone and went somewhere crazy and tested my skills, would I succeed?”

Prihoda’s film breaks through the busyness of everyday life and focuses on those fleeting and lovely moments in life that photography is able to capture. He describes the film as a “love letter to Bombay and to the good old ‘film’ days.”

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