ShootProof announced earlier today that they have “refreshed” the client gallery view. This brings the client gallery view more in line with popular galleries around the web. The new layout is fully responsive and mobile friendly, which is great news for those of us who promote our services via social media (where many people view links via a mobile device).

We just released a major refresh to the ShootProof client galleries for our photographers. The new galleries have a simple design with updated navigation and view elements.

You will also notice that the new Mason view has a distinctly Pinterest/PASS look to it, no doubt in response to the popularity that PASS as enjoyed in the last few months. I tried Pass because I really liked the responsive layout and design, but ended up sticking with ShootProof because I liked everything except the gallery better. So this makes me real happy, because now I get the layout that I like with the back-end that I love. Best of both worlds for sure (Plus not having to pay $29 per gallery is awesome).


They have set up an example wedding to show how the new layout can be setup, which you can see here. This is definitely an improvement over the old client galleries, I think we can all agree on that. If you would like to learn a more about ShootProof or are interested in signing up you can do so here.


What are your thoughts on the new client galleries? Let us know in a comment below.  

[via ShootProof]