Tripods are essential tools for images that require slower shutter speeds like images in low-light or images capturing motion blur.   But what do when you don’t have your tripod handy?  In 60 seconds we’re going to show you how you can get tack sharp images without a tripod.

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tip #1: find a place to rest your camera

Is there a place you can rest your camera and still get the desired shot? Use it! Compose your image and utilize your camera’s two-second feature. This will allow you to maintain focus and fire without touching the camera.


tip #2: use a standard grip

Must handhold? Use the standard grip by bringing the left hand underneath the lens to cradle and the right hand to operate the camera, while tucking in the elbows. The biggest perk is being able to shoot steady images at 1/10th of a second.

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Tip #3: CREATE A human tripod

how to shoot photos without a tripodNeed to drag the shutter even further? Take a seat, elevate both legs and lean into your subject with your elbows. This stability technique, along with regulated breathing, can help you get tack sharp images at under a second or more.

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