Depending on the type of photography you’ve chosen to focus on, you may find that tethering is never really something you need to consider, much less explore in depth. For others it will be a natural and indispensable extension of your craft, a necessity more so than a luxury, and an expectation. That said, if you’re anything but a casual button-pusher, shooting tethered is an experience you’ll likely find rewarding, as there’s nothing quite like seeing the produce of your labor come alive on a large screen as you shoot, versus via a squint on your rear LCD.

It can be, however, intimidating, and that acts as a barrier to entry for some. But as fortune favors the brave, even if it seems intimidating you should still do it, and Gary Martin and friends at RGG EDU have created a video course to make it as easy as can be. And it’s free.

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The course is made up of 24 easily digestible videos that you can either stream online, or download to digest at your will on whatever device you choose. The videos are complimented by 2 PDFs that act as quick reference for gear and overall set-up and information. All together this is a crash course in tethering that gathers the wide range of areas involved and brings it all together into a neat channel.

The course covers everything from the basic gear you’ll need, to the more elaborate to the industrial; it goes over software and trouble shooting, and then gives variations of set-ups for each budget. Throughout the course you’ll address tripods, cables, cart set-up, displays, work station set-ups, hard drives, how to choose a computer, setting up networks, organizing your workflow, tethering to various cameras, and troubleshooting. Gary refers to this as an introduction to tethered shooting, and it is, but for many this will be more than you’ll need, and the pieces of information that don’t apply to you will likely come in handy if you choose to work in a professional environment where the expectation is set that you understand this.

If all of this sounds a little fussy, a little intimidating, a little…much, I’ll say you’re unlikely to find a resource that’s more approachable than this, as Gary and guests address it all with direct, no-nonsense attitudes, and do it without being patronizing.

Again, it’s a particularly good resource, and even if you’re not tethering right now, it’s worth getting for the future. Check out a sample video below, and get the whole free course here.