When exporting your images out of Lightroom, are you constantly inputting the same settings time and time again? Here’s a quick tip on how to eliminate that portion of your workflow by utilizing Lightroom’s Export Presets function.

Setting Up Export Presets in Lightroom Video

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Lightroom’s Export Dialog Box

When you first click into the Export Dialog Box (File>Export), it’ll bring up all of your export adjustment settings. For myself, I have settings in this dialog box for the ones I use the most often for things like Facebook Post exports. Since I’m looking to upload my images to Facebook on a daily basis, I don’t necessarily want to remember what settings I previously exported my images at. However, I still want to maintain the same good quality export settings from my previous Facebook posts.


Instead of having to remember my settings every time, once I have everything dialed in, I simply go to the left side of the dialog box and click “Add” to save my settings as a “New Preset.”


What’s great about having your Export Presets set up is that if you’re going through and editing your photos, and you find that you’d love to post a certain image to Instagram, you can bypass the typical export function and select File>Export with Preset, and it will automatically send it to wherever you designate as your Instagram folder.

My tip for you is to input your most commonly used export settings and save them out as Export Presets so that you can save time and keep yourself from keep having to constantly plug in your settings.

Hope that helps speed up your workflow just a little bit. If you are looking to master your post production workflow, be sure to check out our new Lightroom CC Crash Course Workshop that will teach you the fundamentals of Lightroom.