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How To Set Up a WordPress Menu

By Christopher Lin on January 12th 2013

These instructions are for setting up WordPress Menus for the SLR Lounge WordPress Photography Theme. Setting up your WordPress Menu is very simple.  First go to Appearance -> Menus.  Then give your menu a name (we recommending calling your top menu “header” and your footer menu “footer.”


Then add menu items to your new menu.  You can add pages, categories, or specific links to your menu.  Be sure to continually save your menu as you work on it.


You can create submenus (menus that appear in a drop down upon hover only) by simply dragging the menu item to the right so that it is indented).


After you have created your menu and saved it, you can now add it to your SLR Lounge WordPress Theme.  Click here for more info.

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  1. Jim Wang

    I’m using this wonderful WordPress theme on my test site I created a Header menu called with a Category menu item Portfolios. Under that menu item I have sub items that link to portfolio pages (in this theme they’re called Projects). But I had to explicitly put these sub item links under the Portfolios menu item; it did not automatically include my Projects with the Portfolio Category. Furthermore, if (as a user) I click on the Portfolios menu item, I get a 404 Page not found error page. Yet there’s no place to put a URL for the menu item of type Category.

    Maybe I just don’t see the purpose of the Category menu item. Can you give any hints on how to use it?

    | |