Sensor dust is just part of the territory with interchangeable lens cameras – it’s going to happen despite your best efforts. Luckily, cleaning it out is not really a problem, if you know what you are doing.


For some reason, many photographers are scared to do anything anywhere near their sensor. Yes, it is sensitive and you need to be careful, but cleaning out dust is not going to ruin your sensor if you do it right. That said, this hilarious new accessory may make it easier than ever for those of you who are wary of cleaning your camera.


Chinese manufacturer Nisshin Seiko has a new Canon mount vacuum cleaner designed to suck all of the dirt and dust out of your camera. Just attach the vacuum accessory to the camera like you would with any Canon lens, and turn it on. It even has a nice red ring for all of you “L” lens lovers.

Sadly, or maybe luckily, they are currently only available in Canon styling and EF mount, but who knows? Maybe we will see a Nikon mount in the future.

I never thought I would need to vacuum my camera, or that I would need to do so in stealth with a vacuum that looks like a lens. But what do I know? Maybe this is the best way to ever clean out your Canon camera…


What are your thoughts on this accessory? Would you trust a vacuum like this to clean out your camera without causing any damage? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Watch]