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During the Covid-19 pandemic, most artists can relate to the feeling of frustration since we’ve not been able to work with our teams to create anything. Well, during this global lockdown, beauty photographer and Capture One Ambassador Tina Eisen was feeling that angst as well.

While searching for ways to creatively express herself during the lockdown and unable to shoot models, Tina started working on a self-portrait macro project to focus her energy. She encountered several challenges during the self-portrait sessions such as macro focussing, lighting, capturing, and styling… all while holding a pose, a prop, and pushing the button.

Tina Eisen Self Portrait Workflow Screencap Capture One SLR LOunge

In this webinar, we’ll learn how Tina setup Capture One, the camera and lighting, and Capture Pilot to compose and trigger the shot. She’ll discuss all of the challenges she encountered and how she overcame them, and then she’ll go through an editing workflow to produce the final photo.

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Here’s What’s Covered

  • Setting up for self-portraiture – do’s and don’t
  • Ideas for tricky remote focussing
  • Composing with Live View
  • Capturing with Capture Pilot
  • Editing in Capture One

The video is just about an hour long with a lot of content covered, so be sure to get comfortable since you won’t want to miss a thing. Once you’re done, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below, and be sure to share any self-portrait work or other projects you’ve been working on during the lockdown as well.

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