You always hear about how RAW video is so much better than H.264, but to actually see the difference side by side is something that one shouldn’t pass up. Lucky for you Dave Dugdale over at recently put together this great video showing you side by side the difference between the two.

This demonstration utilizes the standard H.264 compression on your Canon DSLRs and the RAW footage capabilities made available by the latest Magic Lantern release. Check out the video below, my put my thoughts below.

It is crazy how much better the RAW footage is compared to the H.264 footage. I also agree with Dave though about knowing when to use one over the other. Shooting in raw really had a ton of time to your post production and if it is not essential to the video then its better in my mind to just go with the standard H.264 footage.

That said, I love what he has been able to pull out of the RAW files. Those are some gorgeous blue skies and when shown side by side next to the H.264 shows that there is really no comparison in quality. Now if only Magic Lantern would figure out how to get the RAW working on my Canon 7D I would love to try this out on my own.

What are your thoughts on the RAW vs H.264 comparison? Let us know in a comment below.