[EDITOR’S NOTE: We are very excited to introduce to you one of our new guest contributors, Jennifer Rozenbaum. Jen owns Jenerations, a luxury boudoir studio. We reviewed Jen’s Posing Boudoir DVD a while back and we can’t wait for Jen to share her secrets as a boudoir photographer].


Boudoir photography is undeniably one of the fastest growing genres of portrait photography these days. When I started in 2008, there were only a handful of photographers in my area that offered the service. In 2014 , there are countless.

When I first started, I shot boudoir because it was fun. It allowed me flexibility to work from home and as a bonus, I was able to go from a stay at home mom to making some money doing something I loved. That worked really well for me for quite a few years. It wasn’t until about 3 years into business that I realized the market was getting more saturated. Shooting for fun and for a little bit of money wasn’t cutting it any longer. I found that there were so many photographers offering boudoir that I, like everyone else, was just getting price shopped. I was bringing plenty of money into my studio, but I wasn’t keeping enough of it to make it worth my while.


So how does a photographer stand out from the sea of other photographers? How do we stay true to ourselves, make money and get the clients to see our value at the same time?

These are not easy questions to answer. It took me quite some time to realize that I am not just a photographer. I am a “photogratherapist” as I like to call it. What I was doing all these years wasn’t about the images. Yes, the images were good and the clients were happy, that I cannot dispute. What the clients walked away with however, was way more than a pretty picture. They walked away with more confidence, dare I say, fearlessness.

Being with me, having an experience in which she has a safe place to define and celebrate her unique femininity is special to her. Dressing up (or as I like to say – revealing the real you) was something that proved to her she is more than meets the eye. She is whoever she wants to be. She can own that woman shamelessly when she is in my studio. My hope for her is that she can now own it when she is in the real world too.


Oh and by the way, I take pictures while all this happens. So you see, it’s not about the images. It’s about the experience. The images are the reminder of the way she felt that day.

JenRozenbaum_SLRLounge_0001 JenRozenbaum_SLRLounge_0005

So now, instead of marketing the images, I market the unique experience she will have with me. I come from a place of why. I shoot boudoir so women of the world can celebrate their unique femininity, shamelessly. Why do you?

To learn more about Jen please visit her BLOG and to see her new Posing DVD for Boudoir and Beyond click HERE. (code: slrlounge saves you $10 on the DVD or DVD Bundle)