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Second Fuji X-Pro2 Model To Feature APS-X Sensor?

By Anthony Thurston on April 25th 2015

Fujifilm X-Pro2 rumors are starting to heat up, and one that caught my attention this morning involves what could be a very interesting development, a larger – but still not full frame – sensor.


According to the report from Fuji Rumors, which makes it clear to pour the salt on this one because it’s from a new source, the Fuji X-Pro2 will come in two flavors: a standard ~24MP APS-C model and a second one with a larger 25-27MP APS-X (1.3x) sized sensor.

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Supposedly, the larger sensor would still be supported by the standard X-Mount and its wonderful lenses. Though, since the sensor would be pushing the boundaries of the X-mount, one has to wonder how the performance of the X-series lenses we love would be affected in the outer edges of the frame.


Still, the allure of a slightly larger sensor intrigues me. I wonder if the ‘feel’ of a 1.3x crop would be so different from a 1.5 crop that Fujifilm would think this is worth the time and money to develop. I mean, the full frame snobs are going to raise their noses at a 1.3x crop just as much as they do at a 1.5x crop, so the only real reason to increase the sensor size to the mount limits is if there are real performance gains, or if the ‘look and feel’ is noticeably different.

It will be interesting to see how this rumor turns out. So far, there is no real timeline on the X-Pro2, so who knows when we might see if this is true or not.

What are your thoughts on an APS-X sensor in the X-Pro2? Do you think the performance and ‘look’ would really be different enough over the standard 1.5x APS-C sensor to warrant Fujifilm investing in it?

[via Fuji Rumors]

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  1. Michael Young

    I just want Fuji to give me a camera with an ISO lower than 200.

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  2. J. Dennis Thomas

    I call bunk on this. History has shown that the APS-H format isn’t a very popular option. The Leica M8 took a lot of heat for using this sensor size and as someone pointed out with the Canon APS-H system, they also had a huge stable of lenses that covered the image circle.

    Upsizing the sensor to APS-H would require at least a few new larger lenses in the system and if you’re designing new lenses why not just go all the way to full-frame?

    The XPro-1 is also so long in the tooth I’m skeptical that it will be refreshed. The XT-1 seems to be the successor. The Pro just never took off like the X-100 series did.

    I think this is another case of click-bait because this is the time where the camera gear announcements are in the doldrums and people need to drive traffic to their site. Why not make up a half-way plausible rumor that is controversial to up your traffic?

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  3. adam sanford

    The Canon faithful loved the 1D4 for it’s ‘APS-H’ 1.3x crop — it was a nice tradeoff of quality vs. speed.

    But *that* was a rig built around a massive stable of FF lenses that were meant for a FF sensor/mount combo. Fuji does not have that luxury.

    So unless Fuji’s famously ‘as tiny as our mount will let us’ lens portfolio (which I’m envious of, as a proponent of *small* mirrorless total body + lens size) was magically designed for FF corners, I kinda hafta call BS on this rumor.

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    • Anthony Thurston

      There have been rumors that the Fuji lenses were made for a larger image circle than the APS-C sensor they have been used on. Though, I agree, I find this rather far fetched.

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    • adam sanford

      Surely, some rumor site optical formula aficionado [cough: condescending forum-trolling physicist] would debunk this in an hour with a review of Fuji’s published patents, right?

      I would be stunned to see much of their glass cover much more than the 1.5 crop sensor they have today.

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    • Duy-Khang Hoang

      Not sure why it is called APS-X when we already had APS-H… kinda makes me question the validity of the rumor (as far as rumors can be trusted). Secondly, Fuji has traditionally relied on Sony to fab their sensors so having an oddball size such as APS-H which won’t be used on any other models seems a bit unlikely as Fuji are not large enough to warrant the kind of volumes that would make it financially feasible (of course they could change fab partners). I’ve no doubt that many of Fuji’s lenses could comfortably illuminate the APS-H sensor (especially the longer lenses). Also not sure why the article needed to reference “full frame snobs” to make a point… seems rather childish.

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    • Anthony Thurston


      I was just making the point that people who think that FF sensors are the ‘be all end all’ are going to hate on an APS-X/H sensor just as much as an APS-C one. Not sure how that is childish.

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  4. Steve Madden

    If it uses the existing mount and lenses, why not?

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  5. Brandon Dewey

    good article

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