If you’re interested in learning how to create amazing yet simple wireless flash images from world-renowned wedding and portrait photographer Scott Robert Lim, tune in right now! (Monday morning on Mar 13th)  Visit: www.creativelive.com/live or watch the video below!


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In a world of either 100% natural light wedding & portrait photographers, or increasingly expensive lighting setups that are intimidating to master, Scott Robert Lim championed the use of small, simple, affordable strobe flashes for creating incredibly stunning portraits in dramatic locations.  Scott has taught workshops all around the world in beautiful places such as Paris France, Venice Italy, and Seville Spain.  The philosophy behind his style of photography has always been: the more you understand and master about lighting in general, the more you can accomplish with less equipment in less time.


Scott Robert works to make even the most advanced lighting setups appear to be simple and straightforward to even a beginner who has little or no experience with wireless flash.

For anyone who has ever attended a Scott Robert workshop, you will also know Scott’s motto and reason behind mastering and using such advanced lighting in creating a portrait:  With the ever-increasing number of aspiring professional photographers out there, our images need to stand out from the crowd.  If we use the same tools and techniques (natural light) that everybody else out there is using, it will become increasingly difficult for our work to stand out.  However if we use tools that very few others understand, we have a great advantage compared to them.  Of course there is nothing wrong with natural light as a style or tool, however you should never let yourself be held back by a lack or fear of technical knowledge, especially as natural light fades away after dark!  ;-)

sevilla-workshop(Seville, Spain 2008 – photo by Matthew Saville, taken at a Scott Robert international workshop)


Scott’s live broadcast will be continuing between 9 AM and 4 PM each day from today to Wednesday, May 15th.  To view CreativeLive’s upcoming calendar, click here: www.creativelive.com/calendar