It’s not every day that you get three of the top brand tripod makers having sales all at once!  But here they are, courtesy of B&H:

Save up to 27% on Gitzo Tripods

Save up to 15% on Manfrotto Tripods

Save up to 35% on Induro Tripods


Of course Gitzo is “the Rolex of tripods”, and their prices show it.  But if you’re an adventure photographer, they are truly a pinnacle of lightweight engineering, and worth every penny!

Manfrotto tripods, on the other hand, are certainly great tripods but their reputation and product line is a little more directed at everyday use, functionality and rock-solid reliability without breaking the bank.  (Or your back, usually)

Induro, at first no more than yet another generic / knock-off brand, has grown it’s reputation to offer high quality tripods in both the everyday use market and the specialized ultralight market.

The Details

The Gitzo and Induro sales both last until August 31st, however the Gitzo rebates are mail-in, not instant.  (Most of the rebates are $200 though, so it’s worth it!  There’s nothing we hate more than a silly $20 MIR…)  The Manfrotto rebates are instant, however unfortunately they end on July 28th, in two days!

Our Picks

Which deals (there are a couple dozen total) do we recommend the most?

The Gitzo Carbon Fiber GT0531, at $345 after the rebate (yet only supporting 11 lbs) is definitely a specialty item for hikers and backpackers only.  But if you’re a weight weenie who still needs their gear to be extremely reliable, you can’t go wrong. Why spend so much on this tripod, you ask?  It weighs just 1.6 lbs; holy cow that’s light!

The Induro Carbon Fiber CT114, at $254 with the rebate, is a more versatile option if you want something strong and reliable that doesn’t break your bank, or your back. It supports 17 lbs and weighs just 2.8 lbs.

The Manfrotto 190XProB, by far one of the most tried-and-true everyday options on the market, weighs in at a decent 4 lbs and costs just $144.  It states that it supports just 11 lbs, but in our opinion you can load it with pretty much anything short of a 300mm f/2.8 and still get rock-solid support.

Of course if these particular tripods don’t seem to fit your exact needs, click around and you’ll find a ton of other options.

Take care, and happy clicking!
=Matthew Saville=