Photographer, Videographer – it makes no difference. Everyone shooting photos or video should have a quality tripod in their bag for when you need to lock things down. There are many, many options out there from Manfrotto to Oben, but one of my personal favorite brands is Vanguard.

Right now for a limited time over at B&H, you can get your hands on one of Vanguard’s Alta Pro series of tripods with up to $100 off. It’s a killer deal if you are looking for your first tripod, or maybe to upgrade from an older one.

You can find the full listing of available tripods over on B&H here. If you are curious about the best deals of the bunch continue reading…

Vanguard Alta Pro Tripods


There are over 15 different options for you to choose from with these Vanguard Alta Pro tripod savings, all are quality tripods, some just the legs and others including an head. You really can find whatever you need here. Maybe you need a new pair of legs, but you are still happy with the head you are using…there are plenty of great options. Here are a few of the deals that stood out to me:

Of course, these are just a few of the deals available. You can find the full listing of discounted Vanguard tripods over on B&H here.