The next best thing to happen to Instagram since filters and that whole Terms of Use debacle is Satiregram – an entire account dedicated to making fun of a platform that sometimes takes itself way too seriously.

All the cliched photos and #hashtags have been filtered for our viewing pleasure. Is there anything left sacred in the Insta-world? Not really.

The profile description says it all:

Satiregram is the ‘epitome of a typical Instagram user.’

The pictures are actual post-its (oh yes, we see what they did right there) of written descriptions. Each small “post” describes a picture we’ve either seen or done. D’oh!

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Among the satirical casualties: #ThrowbackThursday, food shots, duck-faced selfies, and Pumpkin Spice lattes.

Check out all their hilarious posts on the official Satiregram account.

Pardon me as I go take a picture of my breakfast.

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Stay Inspired ~ Jules

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