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Samyang 135mm F/2 Lens Leaks On eBay | Price Approx $550 US

By Anthony Thurston on January 11th 2015

We have been hearing teasers and rumors about this lens for quite a while now, and if this eBay listing is legitimate, Samyang/Rokinion will, in fact, release a new 135mm F/2 lens any day now.


The eBay listing, which lists the price of the new lens at around $550 US, also has plenty of images and even some basic specs from the new/upcoming lens. If I do say so myself, as someone who appreciates a good quality manual focus lens, this baby looks pretty sexy.

Samyang 135mm F/2 Specs

  • Extra low dispersion (ED)
  • Glass aspherical lenses (AS)
  • Ultra multi coating (UMC)
  • Internal focusing (IF)
  • Aperture range: f/2 – f/22


If you would like to get your hands on it now, you can head on over to the eBay listing and buy it now. Though, if I were you, I would definitely wait until the lens is officially announced and can be purchased through reputable dealers like B&H.

What are your thoughts on this new lens from Samyang/Rokinon? Do you think it will be of high enough quality to be worth the $550 price tag? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Jacob Jexmark

    If it can match the Zeiss 135mm f/2 APO Sonnar in sharpness and bokeh they will have a buyer in me. The Zeiss is ASTONISHING on a D8XX body (resolving 36Mpix) and I’ve been itching to buy one having had one on loan for a while.

    | |
  2. Arnold Ziffel

    I have 3 Rokinon lenses…..all pretty darn sharp…. in Pentax mount so they’re only used on a crop sensor. Don’t own any in a Canon mount, so I haven’t used one on a full frame camera…..yet.

    | |
  3. Kim Farrelly

    A lot of really good vintage 135mm available for very little. OK probably not as sharp though.

    Happy to see a bit of a revival of the 135mm length about the place. I loved shooting 135 on film and really love the ‘magic’ from the f2 135L now too. Should I add a third 135 to the kit, aaaa for backup….

    | |
  4. Matthew Saville

    830 g? That’s heavier than the weather-sealed, rock-solid Canon 135 f/2 L, a lens which already has great sharpness and legendary bokeh.

    Not sure where’ you’re going with this one, Roki-Bow-Yang, unless this lens is attempting to be Zeiss Otus territory, and ready for a 52 MP FF camera.

    Nice price though, if its sharpness can match / approach Sigma Art sharpness…

    | |
    • Steve VanSickle

      I think the price is the main focus here. I don’t doubt that it’ll have great image quality, but price-to-performance, I think it’ll open some doors to people that don’t already have a Canon/Nikon version.

      | |
  5. William Emmett

    Presently I own one Rokinon lens, a 8mm fisheye. It is a fully manual lens, I expected this when I bought it. But, to buy a lens I would have to see more specs than what are showing up on this lens. Being a f2-f22, just isn’t enough for me to put out $550.00. I mentioned in a previous post, about Canon bringing lens production back to Japan, that the companies employees in those foreign countries may flock with their experience to competitors companies, this says it all. Rokinon may get some of those employees and make some really great lenses in the future.


    | |
  6. robert garfinkle

    I agree – a function of trust, purely.

    There are very few 3rd party lens makers I do feel comfortable with (i.e. Sigma and Tamron) yet B & H, Calumet (not so much anymore though…), Adorama are names I choose to trust over eBay any day.

    Again, could be a function of you get what you pay for translating to risk / dollars (or is it dollars / risk dunno).

    If eBay leaves you in question (distrust) on a few levels, it’s always, IMO, better to pay the higher price with well-known retailers.

    Personally, I’d rather walk up to a retailer, put my hands on it, test it if possible – make a decision on that basis, yet the fact is, at least in the area I live, a decent retailer of photographic equipment is at minimum 30 miles away and the real serious stores are closer to 50 miles away, and I live in a densely populated area (Chicagoland). The rest are online…

    Back on track here – personally, even if it were Nikon products was looking at on eBay, I’d still question it (trust) as to who I am buying from…

    My recent experience with my D810 purchased at B & H, where the camera was technically DOA (was not dead dead, but did not function right on numerous levels where I could not use it…) plus the fact that the items in the box definitely looked like they had been opened (B & H agreed it looked to be that way..) was a hedged bet to save 525.00 (tax plus Nikon 300.00 discount on the product), it was a risk. Yet with B & H I knew that if there were a problem (like there was) that I could count on them pretty much hassle-free to rectify it, and they did just that…

    But with eBay, no way… and if you are asking me if I’d throw down 550.00 on a multi-faceted risk set, nope, I’ll sink that 550.00 even if it meant paying a higher buck for piece of mind…

    have a nice day

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    • Rafael Steffen

      I Agrre totally with you, if you are going to buy an expensive piece of equipment go head and order it from B&H.

      | |
    • Rafael Steffen

      Thanks for sharing the idea that 135mm lens are still great options. I would love if Nikon released a new version of their old one.

      | |
    • Ralph Hightower

      Agreed. I prefer B&H, Adorama, and KEH over eBay. I bought my Canon 5D from B&H and a used Canon F-1N , plus accessories from KEH.

      | |
  7. robert raymer

    While I have bought and sold stuff on eBay before, I don’t think I would ever buy an item on eBay that hasn’t even been officially released yet. Anything could happen, from it being a complete scam to it being a pre-production model that is still having its kinks worked out (and thus not covered at all even after the production models are released).

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